The aim of this web site to to enable anyone interested in railway stations to locate published photographs of any railway station in Great Britain and Ireland. Many stations are now covered but there are still plenty of gaps and if anyone has any photographs of the missing stations which they are willing to share, I would be delighted to include them in the photographs section.

The web site is best viewed in a screen resolution of 1024x768.

It is designed to be used as follows :

1. Search for the station required in the References section
2. Make a note of the codes which are listed under the station name
3. Obtain the publication details of the book or magazine from the Books
and Magazines sections
4. Look at the book in the local Public Library. Purchase of the book is not recommended until the photograph has been checked for suitability. (Note that magazine references are included mainly for those people who already own the magazines - finding collections of back issues in libraries is quite unusual.)

More detailed instructions can be found in the Introduction section.

Disclaimer : This information is given in good faith in the belief that it is correct. You should always personally check that (a) the reference is correct and (b) the photograph is relevant to your needs. I accept no responsibility for circumstances arising from the use of the information.

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